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Wondering whether you should change the oil in your vehicle? Read the following information to know what you need to consider before changing the oil and what you can do to maximize the efficiency of every oil change. 

Your Oil Needs to Get Changed. Period.

Changing the oil yourself or taking it to have it changed are both good options as long as it gets done right and on time. Regardless of whether you complete the task yourself or pay for the service, you should still be aware of when the oil needs to be replaced. The following information can help you gain some fundamental knowledge on the subject.

How Often Should You Change the Oil?

How often you need to change the oil in your vehicle will depend greatly on several factors. The type of oil you use, the quality of the oil, the use you give your vehicle, and the recommendations of the vehicle manufacturer, are all elements to take into consideration when it comes to oil changes. Normally, if you are using regular motor oil you will need to change the oil around every 3,000 to 4,500 miles. If you use synthetic oil you probably won´t need to change the oil until around 5,000 to 7,000 miles. There is also some great quality synthetic oils that are of prolonged duration such as AMSOIL´S Signature Series Synthetic Oil which can be used for up to 25,000 miles before it needs to be replaced. (As if that wasn´t reason enough to use AMSOIL, click here for 15 more reasons)

Use Synthetic Oil to Safely Prolong Oil Changes

As we have mentioned many times before, the type of oil you use makes a huge difference in the performance of your engine and the frequency of oil changes. Conventional motor oil is ok for some engines but it will not provide them with the ultimate protection and prolonged duration that synthetic oil can offer. That is why your best option, regardless of the type of engine, is always synthetic oil. The benefits that synthetic oil provides are many, and among them is longer durability which translates into fewer oil changes. That is all thanks to its synthetic molecular structure that makes it much more resilient and resistant to wear,  allowing it to prolong its protective benefits. AMSOIL provides a wide variety of synthetic oils all designed to provide the most benefits to each different type of engine. Browse through their online store or contact Hartmans Inc directly for help finding the ideal synthetic oil for your vehicle.

The Use You Give Your Vehicle Will Also Affect How Often You Replace the Oil

Other factors that influence oil change intervals, are the kind of engine you have and the use you give your vehicle. If your vehicle hauls heavy loads, or your drive for extensive periods, or often reach high speeds with frequent stops, your vehicle will probably need to have the oil changed sooner, because the engine is facing more strain and wear. The best thing to do is to follow your Owner´s manual recommendations and to reduce their recommended time in relation to the excess use or workload that your engine faces. Get to know your engine and check the oil regularly so you also get a better idea of when you need to add more and when you need to change it.

Do Not Forget About the Oil Filter

Along with draining and changing the oil you must also clean out the oil filter or replace it, depending on what your manufacturer recommends. There are several different types of oil filters out there but most will need to be changed during every oil change. Neglecting to do this will contaminate the new oil, decreasing its efficiency, and forcing your engine to work harder. Not to mention this also means that another oil change will be necessary much sooner than if you had changed the oil filter and done the oil change right the first time. For more information on how to complete an oil change read our previous post by clicking, here.

Everything You Need For Your Synthetic Oil Change in Wichita, KS

AMSOIL offers the best synthetic oil, quality oil filters, and all the necessary products for an efficient oil change. From for your convenience. From Ea Heavy-Duty Oil Filters to reliable synthetic oil for your gasoline vehicle or diesel truck, you will find what you need at Hartmans Inc. Contact them today at (316) 686-1069 and provide the best protection for your engine, today.


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