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We cannot put enough emphasis on how important it is to change your oil on time and correctly. In a previous postHartmans Inc in Derby, KS talked about how you can save money by changing the car oil yourself. Today we want to give you a little insight as to what happens when you fail to change the engine oil.

Check Quality of the Oil Not Just the Level

It is important to constantly check your oil levels and keep your vehicle up to date in all its maintenance. A very important aspect of this is the oil changes. The oil may be at a normal level, but do not rely on this entirely,to accurately tell you when you need to add or change your oil. Do not wait so long to change your oil even if the levels are sufficient because many times the levels will only indicate that there is no leak or much consumption of the oil, but the level will not always indicate the state of quality the oil is in.

Change the Oil Even If the Oil Level Is Fine

When the oil level is enough but the oil change is due and you prolong it, the oil will become contaminated. The main thing that may happen is that dirt will begin to build up, really good synthetic oils will be able to encapsulate it for a while, but then the filter will have to hold off the rest of the accumulated dirt. The filter may be able to complete this function for some time, but over time a lot of accumulated dirt will obstruct the filter. This will then cause the oil to remain polluted and will create problems. The engine will have to work harder and wear itself out over time.

When Using Synthetic Oil vs. Conventional Oils

If you use regular conventional oils, the oil change cannot be delayed very long, without having to face tragic failure. However, if you use a great quality synthetic oil such as AMSOIL, then you could probably go over a few hundred miles, from the recommended change interval, without greatly compromising the engine. Obviously, we do not recommend this, but if for whatever reason this should happen, you would be fine. As long as you make sure you take care of the oil change as soon as possible after that.

For the Best Synthetic Oil in Derby, KS

If you want to keep your engine in the best shape ever, start using AMSOIL oil today. It'll provide your engine the protection it requires to run smooth, cool, and powerful. To purchase high quality synthetic oil in Derby, KS, as well as the full range of AMSOIL products that are sure to help you maintain your vehicle appropriately, call Hartmans Inc today at (316) 686-1069.


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