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How to Expertly Change the Synthetic Oil in Your Engine

Changing your own oil is a great way to save money because you'll help keep your engine in perfect working condition. So much so, that it's considered one of the most important routine maintenance tasks you have to do if you want to keep your vehicle performing as expected for longer. Here are some tips from expert mechanics for how to change your oil without blunders.

Get the Temperature Right

Run your car engine for a bit before changing your oil. Warming your engine will loosen the oil a bit and help it come out easier. Do not let the engine go any longer than five minutes to avoid scalding.

Help the Jack

Use jack stands to help support your car. Relying on a jack alone is too risky. Even a little bump can cause the jack to collapse, and the car too.

Get Your Hands Dirty

It is fine to use a filter wrench to remove your oil filter, but always hand-tighten the new one. The filter wrench can puncture your oil filter and you will need to buy another. Lubricate the filter gasket with a bit of oil to keep it from drying out and to help it seal better. Only turn it the recommended number of turns stated in your owner manual. Too tight or too loose will result in oil leaks. Mark the 12 o'clock position before starting so you can keep track of how many rotations you have made.

Keep Count

Line up the number of bottles of oil you need to fill your engine. That way you will not lose track of what you have put in if the kids come and distract you.


Keep our planet clean and dispose of your oil properly. Check out for oil and oil filter recycling centers near you.

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