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Advice to Keep Your Vehicle Looking and Feeling Good With Synthetic Oil

There are so many aspects to taking care of your vehicle that it can become overwhelming to fully care for your car inside and out. We all want our vehicles to look good but it should go further than that. Keeping your vehicle clean on the outside is just as important in the interior and the inside of your hood. That is why we want to share a few tips to help you keep your vehicle looking good and performing great.

5 Tips to Keep Your Vehicle Clean and Well Maintained in Every Aspect

  1. Prevent trash from piling up inside. Where you sit and drive is the command center for your vehicle. Having trash or bottles around you can make it easy to get distracted and soda cups and other trash rolling around your floor can prevent you from pressing the brakes correctly. Basically, keeping a clean interior is not just about looks it is also about safety.  Try to always carry a plastic bag in your car where you deposit all the trash, and wrappers, or other disposable items that you need to remove from your vehicle. Remember to take out that trash bag and dump it in the trash can, at the end of your day. This way you don´t allow trash to pile up and make a dangerous mess.
  2. Clean the interior. When cleaning the interior of your vehicle the first thing you need to do is to declutter. Take out all the items that are lingering around your car and put away those things that you really don´t need to be carrying all the time. Then proceed to take out the rugs and dust the surfaces with a dust cloth and a dusting polish spray of your choice. After this, you will want to vacuum and all the interior. Use the narrow attachment for the cracks and difficult spots. If there were any odors that may have accumulated you can buy a good odor neutralizer in the store for just a few bucks.
  3. Remove dirt inside the hood. Once you take care of the interior you can go a little deeper and clean inside the hood. It is important to keep the inside of the hood clean because accumulated dirt and environmental contaminants can get into the engine and cause problems. However, you shouldn´t just start throwing soap and water inside the hood. Washing your hood with the hose can be a costly mistake as newer models are very delicate and have electrical pieces that can be easily harmed by the water. The best thing to do is to grab a wipe and start wiping away the surfaces. However, if it is excessively dirty then you will prob have a hard time cleaning it. You will probably be better off taking it to a professional car cleaning service that can also clean inside the hood.
  4. Internally clean the engine. As we mentioned in our previous post, sludge and all sorts of buildup can start to clog your engine and cause it to malfunction. Synthetic oil changes are the most effective way to get rid of sludge. AMSOIL synthetic oil has a powerful anti-sludge formula that eliminates and prevents buildup. Contact Hartmans Inc now, and purchase the highest quality products to keep your engine clean and protected.
  5. Wash the exterior. The exterior of your car is the part that you get to show off the most. Take care of the paint and windows of your vehicle using the correct products. Use a soap or detergent that is specifically for vehicles. If you use regular soap or dish soap the paint on your vehicle can easily get damaged. Have a soft cloth or rag and two buckets. One with water and soap and the other bucket for rinsing the rag after it starts getting dirty. Then rinse off the car with a hose. Make sure you rinse off the tires aswell.  Pebbles or other sharp particles that may be stuck to the tires can start to wear them out more easily so it is a good idea to rinse and periodically clean them. Then, spray Windex or any other type of non-ammonia window spray on your windows to clean them. Lastly, dry your vehicle´s exterior with a soft cloth. If you want, you can apply wax or complete any other additional paint-care measures. For additional maintenance tips and information on the importance of washing your car, read Toyota´s suggestions in this link.

Keep Your Vehicle Clean and Powerful With a Full Synthetic Oil Change in Andover

Show off your car from the inside out with synthetic oil. Nothing sound better than a strong and powerful engine. Synthetic oil removes the harmful factors that hinder the performance of your engine. Call us now, at (316) 686-1069 and get AMSOIL for your synthetic oil change.


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