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Synthetic Oil Offers Engine Protection Against Sludge

There are several dangers that engines are exposed to. Friction, heat, sludge, driving conditions, and bad driving habits all take a toll on your vehicle. Although some of these risks are preventable, others such as heat and friction are constant factors that can be reduced but not completely taken out of the equation. Today, we want to focus on the effects of sludge and how to protect and prevent buildup in your engine.

What are Sludge and Buildup?

Sludge is the soot or motor oil buildup that can accumulate over time inside your engine. It is caused by the breakdown or contamination of the oil. Usually due to extreme temperatures and it leaves a gunky dark gel-like substance that can stick to different areas of the engine and potentially cause problems. Although sludge is mostly caused by motor oil, not all buildup is caused by motor oil. In fact, there are different kinds of buildup created through different forms, that can accumulate in the engine. Fuel burn off, for example, can also cause deposits when mixed with dirt and other internal factors. The problem is that motor oil contributes to almost all types of buildup by spreading the external fluids, gunk and other particles as it flows. This usually happens most when the oil has worn out and has not been replaced. Hence, the importance of always changing the engine oil in a timely manner.

Some Motor Oils Can Promote More Sludge Buildup Than Others

The type of motor oil you use also plays a large role in both the production and elimination of sludge and other types of engine buildup.  Some regular motor oils have small traces of wax that more easily create sludge. This type of paraffin-based engine oil is made like most crude based regular motor oils but it is derived directly from the paraffin crude. It is, of course, refined, and processed extensively to try and remove almost all of the wax (paraffin). However, there can still be a few traces that with constant use and over time, accumulate and contribute to the engine buildup.

Synthetic Oil Aids in the Elimination and Prevention of Sludge

Using full synthetic oil allows the engine to stay safer for longer because it doesn´t wear out or break down easily. Meaning that it is less likely to produce and spread contaminants and there is a very little chance of it producing sludge if properly cared for and changed. Synthetic oil actually combats sludge, soot and other types of buildup in an active and direct manner. It is able to absorb all these impurities and remove them through the oil filter so they can be discarded. Helping the inside of the engine stay cleaner and more productive. For truly noticeable results use Amsoil full synthetic oil and be sure to replace the oil filter as needed. Contact us now and purchase the best products to keep your engine safe and clean.

The Oil Filter Plays a Big Role in the Elimination of Sludge

Sometimes there can be so much gunk and sludge and abundant deposits inside the engine that synthetic oil will have to work harder to remove all of that. As it does this the oil filter will be filled up with all the dirt much faster so you may need to replace it  sooner. This may only happen the first couple of times until synthetic oil has gotten a chance to clean out the inside. By continuously using synthetic oil you will have a much more efficient and clean engine that is much more durable.

Other Causes of Sludge Buildup

  • If for any reason water gets into the oil, it can cause a reaction that alters the composition and more easily leads to sludge build up.
  • Other contaminants that may make their way inside the engine or into the oil. For example, dirt, dust, environmental particles, etc.
  • Running your vehicle on very low levels of oil and doing so constantly will heavily wear out your engine and produce greater sludge deposits.
  • Leaving the engine on for prolonged periods of time without driving it such as when you are stuck in traffic for hours idling.
  • Constant short trips that don´t allow the engine oil to fully circulate and promote moisture build up.
  • Extreme heat spots in the engine can make the oil burn into the area and leave sludge.

More Protection This Summer With The Best Synthetic Oil Change in Derby

There is no doubt that synthetic oil helps protect the engine against a variety of harmful factors, and prevents the engine from facing severe damage.  Call Hartmans Inc at (316) 686-1069 and continue to protect your engine this summer with Amsoil products.


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