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We have given you a few words of advice regarding how to extend the life of your vehicle, in another post, which you can read here. Now, at Hartmans Inc in Andover, KS we would like to talk a bit more about taking care of your vehicle by not allowing the gas tank to have very low levels. This is an important aspect of taking care of your vehicle, and we are going to explain why.

Why You Should Maintain Proper Levels of Fuel in Your Tank

Keeping your gas tank at least a quarter full is not just the gasoline stations trying to get you to constantly buy gasoline. It is also the experts letting you know that you can avoid many problems with your engine if you maintain a sufficient level of gasoline in the tank.

Running Your Car Low on Fuel Causes Engine Damage

Running your car on low levels of gasoline will take a toll on your engine and your wallet. The fuel that makes your car run has small amounts of residue that over time can add up and settle at the bottom of your gas tank. Most of the particles of residue are removed by the gas filter. Nonetheless, when you run your car on very low amounts of gasoline you force it to reach to the bottom of what´s left and it will pull up the extra gunk that's gathered there.

Fuel Debris Can Get Into Unwanted Places

The residue that is pulled up is sometimes able to get through the filter and deposit itself in other areas of the fuel system. This will force the engine to work harder and less efficiently, and may lead to more serious problems. That is why, it is best to have the tank at least somewhat full, when driving your car around.

Be Sure to Feed Your Engine with the Best Synthetic Oil in Andover, KS!

When it comes to taking care of your engine, no other oil does it better than AMSOIL synthetic oil in Andover, KS. It'll ensure that your engine has the lubrication and protection it requires to keep running cooler and smoother for a long period of time. At Hartmans Inc we are proud to carry AMSOIL top-of-the-line products for you engine maintenance needs. If you are looking for AMSOIL oil in Andover, KS or any other product to keep your vehicle in the best working condition possible, contact us today. Call (316) 686-1069 this instant if you need more information on what products will suit your vehicle best, or if you'd like to place an order on the best synthetic oil, fuel additives, oil filters, and more, on the market.


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