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Basic Care and Maintenance

It's very easy to assume that your vehicle doesn't require any care and maintenance until you have to deal with expensive car repairs or inconvenient breakdowns. However, there are many basic chores that can prevent any of these scenarios and even extend the life of your car. For this reason at Hartmans Inc in Wichita we would like to share helpful advice on this topic.

Know Your Car

Remember that your owner's manual contains all the information you need to know about your vehicle, so take your time to read it. This way you will be able to perform simple but important maintenance chores and save money on costly repairs. Plus, it's crucial that you follow the suggested maintenance schedule.

Change Your Oil

Your motor oil is responsable for keeping your engine clean while dispersing the heat. That's why you should change it according to your maintenance schedule. This way you will prevent any abrasive particles from building up in your engine and many other problems.

Drive Wisely

Your driving also has an impact on your car, as full speed accelerating, slamming on the breaks or using your vehicle for short trips can increase the wear of your vehicle. Keeping your vehicle in perfect condition is relatively simple and you shouldn't neglect any warning signs to prevent future problems. If you choose to change your own oil, there are certain ideas you should know to do it properly, so be sure to read our guide in this topic.

Synthetic Oil in Wichita

Don't forget that synthetic oils have unique specifications to clean and protect your engine from excessive wear. If you are looking for AMSOIL Oil, at Hartmans Inc we will be glad to help you find  the product you need. Call (316) 686-1069 to place an order.


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