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Now that the summer is officially here there are several things you should do to better take care of your vehicle. Read the following tips to protect your vehicle against the heat and summer conditions.

Keep Your Vehicle in Top Shape This Summer

Summer is the perfect time of year to go out and spend more time with your family. That means more frequent trips to the beach and possible road trips. Having your vehicle in top shape will make your road trips and family outings more enjoyable and prevent unwanted delays.

 How to Protect Your Vehicle From the Summer Heat

  1. Don´t let the fluids run low. Your vehicle fluids tend to be the first thing that suffers in the summer heat. Coolant is used up more quickly, gasoline can also be consumed faster, the engine oil can deteriorate more easily, and all of this can lead to disaster if you don´t take proper action. Make sure that the fluids in your car or truck are cleaned out and replaced at the start of the summer.
  2. Carry coolant with you. The summer heat causes your car to use up coolant more quickly in order to maintain a safe temperature. Which means during this time of the year you need to stay vigilant and watch your coolant levels closely. Use quality coolants and carry a bottle with you when heading on the road. AMSOIL offers a variety of high-quality engine coolants to match the need of each vehicle. From their Passenger Car & Light Truck Antifreeze & Coolant to a more Heavy-Duty Antifreeze & Coolant you can check out their selection online by clicking here.
  3. Change the oil. Right now is also the time to change out the oil in your car or truck. In order to keep your engine protected you need to use a reliable motor oil that can resist against the summer temperatures and harsher heat conditions. AMSOIL synthetic oil is your best bet when it comes to full friction protection and engine lubrication. It delivers the utmost protection even in extreme temperatures. Its strong molecular formula allows the oil to keep its viscosity without thinning out. This prevents evaporation and reduces the need to constantly add more oil to the engine. Contact Hartmans Inc at (316) 686-1069 for help in selecting the right lubricant for your synthetic oil change this summer.
  4. Pay attention to your tires. The engine and internal components of your vehicle are not the only parts of your vehicle that need extra attention this time of the year. The tires are what have direct contact with the ground and we all know how hot the road and pavement can get in the summer, so take extra care of your tires. Inspect your tires and change them as soon as they become worn out. Checking the tire pressure is something you should do year round but more often during the summer. The hot pavement and heated tires can lead to disaster when the tires are deflated and not in optimum conditions. Also, be sure to immediately replace worn out tires, don´t wait until they are so battered that they become hazardous.
  5. Take care of the physical aspect of your car. Take precaution with the exterior of your vehicle. Protect the paint from sun damage by looking for shade wherever you park. If you don´t have a garage at home look for shade options such as buying a sun protection for your car or truck. This can be a good investment in the long run as it can decrease color deterioration on your vehicle. It is also important that you carry a sun shade to protect the seats and interior of your vehicle. This can prevent damage and decoloration to the inside and will keep your vehicle in better shape for longer.
  6. Verify everything is in working order. Always check all aspects of your car before going out on a road trip or heading out for a long drive. Make sure you verify fluid levels, check that your tires are in working order, ensure that the battery is in good conditions and that all other aspects of your vehicle are well.  If you feel something is not functioning well when on the road, it is always best to pull over and check. For some great family road-trip tips, be sure to check out this article in the Living Well Spending Less blog.

Use High-Quality Products for Your Synthetic Oil Change in Wichita KS

Avoid road problems and delays by using only the most reliable products for the care of your vehicle. Contact Hartmans Inc at (316) 686-1069 today and get a hold of the best AMSOIL products this summer.  


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