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Why Synthetic Oil is the Best Motor Oil Choice

When your vehicle is ready to get an oil change and you walk into an automotive accessory shop, you realize that there is a shocking amount of motor oil types. Knowing how to select the right one for your vehicle can be a frustrating task, but don´t fret. Today, at Hartmans Inc, we are going to discuss the different types of motor oils that are out there in today´s market. That way, you can make a better decision and feel confident about your choice.

The Highest Motor Oil Technology With Amsoil Synthetic Oil

Advances in technology have facilitated the production of better more renovated products for our engines. Seeing as to how crucial motor oil is for our vehicles the motor oil industry has quickly evolved in order to provide more options and different levels of protection for the diverse needs of drivers and the engines of their vehicles. Amsoil is one of the leading brands in these advances and remains on top of innovative production, for better more enhanced lubrication solutions that can improve engines and increase vehicle performance. Our variety of synthetic oils serve the needs of all types of vehicles from motorcycles to boats and of course all kinds of cars, trucks, and even diesel vehicles. Contact Hartmans Inc today, to learn about the best type of full synthetic motor oil for your engine.

The Different Types of Motor Oil in Today´s Market

  • Conventional oil. This is the most usual type of motor oil it and is the type of motor oil that has been around the longest as it is made mostly from crude petroleum-based products. This higher content based petroleum oil has several disadvantages because of its frivolous nature. The petroleum based ingredients go through a process that adapts them for use as an engine lubricant, yet the molecules are still derived from a natural occurring source, which makes them uneven and distinct from one another. The molecular differences create weaker resistance to many factors such as heat or harsh cold and do not react as well during intense driving conditions.
  • Premium conventional oil. There is also a higher level of conventional oil. This type of oil retains the same basic ingredients as conventional oil. The difference is that it contains additional elements known as additives, that enhance certain parts of the composition. Although these additives do improve the oil they cannot provide a complete increase in the performance of the oil.
  • Synthetic blend motor oil. Synthetic blend oil offers several improvements as it contains a portion of synthetic oil mixed in with regular oil. This provides a few benefits of full synthetic oil with some of the disadvantages of conventional oil. This combination does make it a bit more resistant but it cannot completely respond to increasingly difficult conditions. Synthetic blend motor oil may be a more convenient option for those that are only looking for a bit of improvement from conventional motor oil but they definitely won´t experience the full benefits of true synthetic oil.
  • Full synthetic oil. When it comes to complete protection and highly efficient lubrication there is no comparison, full synthetic oil is truly the best option. Unlike all other types of motor oil, its highly altered composition is designed to have a sturdy and strong structure made up of a bionic army of identical molecules that accelerate performance and increase lubrication. Unlike other motor oil types full synthetic oil does not easily lose its properties under intense conditions. It actually increase engine performance and can even strengthen its horsepower because of its extreme friction protection abilities.
  • High mileage full synthetic oil. Newer cars have more advanced technology that allows them to use a specific type of full synthetic oil designed for longer lasting endurance. Amsoil Signature Series full synthetic oil is a perfect example of this type of motor oil. It can easily go up to 25,000 miles without losing its protective benefits. These high mileage full synthetic motor oils should be used only in vehicles that specify the capacity to utilize them, many newer models indicate the need for high mileage synthetic oil, and it is best to consult your owner´s manual.

The Best Motor Oil for Your Synthetic Oil Change in Sedgwick County

Start using the best oil, use full synthetic oil  to meet your needs and fulfill the requirements of your engine. Call us now at (316) 686-1069 to purchase Amsoil for your synthetic oil change and experience the many advantages today.


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