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Using racing oil in your car sounds cool right? Well, yes, if you are actually racing your car. Otherwise, do not even consider it unless you want your engine wrecked and your catalytic converter destroyed. Read on to find out why.

Your Vehicle Needs Lubricant, but Which One?

Your car needs several fluids running inside it in order to stay in good conditions and function well. You already know the engine desperately needs oil to lubricate its functions, keep friction away and protect it from harmful stuff like corrosion and wear. You also know it needs regular oil changes, but it isn´t that simple. You have to select the right oil for your engine and ensure that you are using one that matches your vehicle´s application. You can´t just go by what sounds cool or what everyone else is using in their car, you actually have to verify that it is the right stuff for your engine and for how you will be running your engine.

Racing Oil: A Specialized Kind of Lubricant

Racing oil is a very specialized type of lubricant that can do wonders for engines that face the demands of the track, and that are pushed to the limits when it comes to speed and performance. However, it is not created for your daily or occasional drive. You see, as we explained in a previous post, there is even a difference between racing oils. To better understand the difference between different types of racing oils you need to understand the differences in types of car races. Read this article for a more comprehensive explanation of the different types of car races. A car that is used for drag racing needs a different type of racing oil than one that is used for more prolonged track racing, and even a bigger one between racing oil and street oil.

Why Is Racing Oil Good for Racing but Not for Other Engine Applications?

Racing oil is created to dramatically reduce friction and increase horsepower, it has at least three times more friction reduction additives and antiwear than your regular use lubricant. That does sound pretty cool, except for the fact that all that increased friction protection comes at a cost. In order to fit such a strong level of antiwear into racing lubricants, they are stripped of other protective elements dispersants, detergents, and anticorrosive additives that are not crucial for racing but are definitely necessary for your regular driving vehicle. Those additives that racing oil lacks are not necessary for racing because the oil is changed very often when racing so it isn´t necessary for it to contain detergents or dispersants. However, your everyday use vehicle depends on those additives to last at least 3,000 miles before the next oil change. Otherwise, the inside of your engine will start to corrode and create sludge buildup which can lead to a lot of damage in your catalytic converter and eventually engine failure.

The Best Way to Ensure That You Use the Right Oil Is to Follow These Tips

  • Always consider the work the engine will have to do. Will you be racing your vehicle and demand speed from your engine? Or, wil you be towing heavy loads constantly? Will your vehicle be used regularly and under normal operating conditions? All of that is important for determining whether you need a racing oil such as AMSOIL´s  DOMINATOR® 5W-20 Racing Oil  or AMSOIL´s Premium Protection 10W-40 Synthetic Motor Oil. for towing applications, or just a reliable and high-quality synthetic oil such as AMSOIL´S Signature Series 10W-30 Synthetic Motor Oil.
  • Use synthetic. When it comes to the type of oil always choose synthetic over regular motor oil. No matter what the application synthetic oil always delivers better protection and leads to enhanced performance. AMSOIL carries a complete line of synthetic lubricants for any type of vehicle and different engine applications. Contact Hartmans Inc today at (316) 686-1069 for help in selecting the best engine lubricant and ask for their most reliable synthetic oil.
  • Follow the oil grade recommendations. Using the oil grade recommendations stated by your manufacturer is still very important in order to ensure that the lubricant is a good match for your engine. Not doing so can not only lead to engine problems but can also make any warranty invalid. So, double check what your owner´s manual states.

Get the Best Synthetic Oil Change in Wichita, KS for Your Vehicle

Once you choose the right oil for your vehicle remember to change it on a regular basis according to the guidelines in your owner´s manual and use AMSOIL synthetic oil for the best results. Contact Hartmans Inc today at (316) 686-1069 and allow them to assist you in choosing the best lubricant for your vehicle and engine application.  


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