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The importance of selecting the right motor oil according to the needs of the engine. Drag racing oil vs. traditional racing oil. The differences between regular motor oil and racing oil.

There Is a Wide Variety of Lubricants and It Is Important to Choose the Right One

As you already know, there is a wide variety of lubricants that come in different oil grades, qualities, and brands. There is much to choose from in today's market. There are lubricants for different applications and they come in a variety of presentations, each with all kinds of additive packages and different molecular structures. Today we want to focus on the differences between racing oil and street oil.

You Can Never Go Wrong with Synthetic Oil but Make Sure You Select the Right Features

Generally speaking, there are three kinds of oils: conventional, synthetic blend, and full synthetic oil. The kind of oil will determine the core molecular structure of the oil. You can learn more about the difference between them in the previous post here. Synthetic oils always provide better protection and resistance no matter what their application. You need to select the right qualities for your synthetic oil based on the intended use of your vehicle. All lubricants, including synthetic oils, come with a different additive package that enhances the performance of the engine for specific circumstances. AMSOIL carries all the best lubricants for every single application you can think of. They have the most effective racing oils and synthetic street use motor oil. You can contact Hartmans Inc at (316) 686-1069 for assistance choosing the ideal lubricant for the application you need.

The Main Difference Between Drag Racing Oil and Other Racing Oils

  • Drag racing. When it comes to racing oils, there are still differences you need to take into consideration. Not all races place the same type of demands on the engine. Drag racing motors don't require a very thick lubricant because they don't face a great increase in temperature. The fast speed is a factor, but in drag racing, the distance that needs to be covered is short and isn't enough to heat up the oil all that much. Drag racing engines need a regular viscosity oil that is fast-acting and that will provide the wear-protection the engine needs for the high speed it must reach.
  • Traditional racing. More traditional racing oils face longer distances at demanding speeds. The intensity of the race along with the longer duration creates an intense rise in temperatures and leads to a great amount of heat accumulation. In this case, the heat is a major factor that the lubricant needs to protect against, and therefore, lubricants need to be thicker. They need to have more viscosity so they can continue to offer a greater level of wear protection while fighting off the tremendously high temperatures. There are also aftermarket additives out there available for both racing and street applications. These additives are sold on their own, not blended into the oil, and claim to perfect a certain oil's performance, but can actually be counter-productive. Learn more about them here.

Never Interchange Racing Oil with Street Oil or Vice Versa

Racing oils should not be used for regular street vehicles because although they perform great in demanding racing conditions, they are not very efficient in normal street use. Their viscosity, additive package, and other qualities make racing oils very specialized for the racing environment. They can actually harm a vehicle that does not face such conditions. On the other hand, street oils are created with regular conditions in mind and therefore would break down under the temperatures that racing vehicles face. The additive package in street oils and racing oils are also very different. Street oils are fabricated for longer use and less frequent oil changes. The oil in regular use vehicles is usually changed every 5,000 miles, which is why it needs to have more detergent additives and dispersants. Race cars do not have to go all that long between oil changes and it would be pointless to have an additive package with very many detergents as it won't require them as much.

Racing Products for Your Synthetic Oil Change in Sedgwick County

Using the right lubricant can enhance horsepower and improve many aspects of your vehicle's performance. It is what marks the difference in durability and how well protected the engine is. Yet, even the most efficient lubricants will not provide the protection your vehicle requires if it isn't the right one for the job. Make sure you select the oil you need for the purpose it is made for. Hartmans Inc stocks quality AMSOIL lubricants for every type of engine need. Call them at (316) 686-1069 and ask for the right oil for the job.


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