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This time of year, your vehicle faces tremendous heat and other harsh factors. Take better care of it with the proper lubrication protection. The following information explains what precautions you should take and why.

Lubrication During the Summer

The summer heat and weather conditions can affect your vehicle in many ways. We previously discussed a few precautions you should take in order to better protect your vehicle this summer. Today,  we want to go more in depth into the lubrication demands that your vehicle has during this time of the year and why you need to place extra care in these.

Care for the Engine with Quality Motor Oil

The number one area you need to care for is the engine. Oil changes are even more crucial during the hotter periods of the year because the heat tends to produce a greater need for lubrication and a higher demand for engine protection. The engine relies heavily on quality lubrication to function well and to stay safe from wear and heat. During the summer it is even more necessary to make sure that the oil in your engine stays clean and at a good level. This means that checking your oil, performing regular oil changes, and using quality lubricants is a must.

Use Synthetic Oil This Summer

Conventional oils are more likely to thin out, wear out, and be consumed faster. AMSOIL's synthetic oil, on the other hand, can handle high demands and will continue to provide the ultimate protection for your engine. To select the right motor oil for your vehicle you can contact Hartmans Inc today at (316) 686-1069.

Oil Changes Are Not the Only Lubrication Your Vehicle Needs

You already know that your engine requires lubrication heat protection and corrosion prevention. The motor oil is in charge of this important task. However, there are also other components such as the suspension, the steering components, and other parts that face friction and movement and that are also vulnerable to corrosion. However, the problem with these parts is that they have no lubrication system to get the job done. Therefore, they require a different type of lubricant and must be cared for in a different manner.

Grease: Another Important Lubricant

Parts such as the chassis, suspension, and other similar areas, require periodical greasing. It is important to stay on top of this but even more so during the summer because oxidation, friction, and wear can become more predominant with the heat. In order to do so, you need to select the right type of grease for the application you need. Grease can come in spray, lube sticks, or even in a cream like a container. It is always important to select the right type of grease and to use the correct amount. You can probably find more specific information on this in your owner´s manual or read this to understand how you can lube your car's steering and suspension parts.

Why Is Grease so Important?

Grease is a thicker more sticky lubricant that does not usually run thin. Its viscosity works perfectly for protecting areas where oil would be wasted due to the lack of a lubricating system. There are different types of grease that are used in different parts of your vehicle and many that are used for a variety of applications. From Synthetic Water Resistant Grease, used many times for boating applications, to X-Treme Synthetic Food Grade Grease for food and pharmaceutical machinery. Without grease, different components would be directly exposed to friction, oxidation, and deterioration. That is why it is so important that you use the right type of grease for the job. This article by the Maintenace Technology website, explains more in detail what you should look for in grease based on the application it will have.

3 Common Types of Grease Also Used for Vehicles

Grease, Lubricants, and Everything You Need for Your Synthetic Oil Change in Wichita

In order to protect the areas and parts of your vehicle that can be most affected by the effects of the heat and summer conditions AMSOIL carries high-quality synthetic lubricants that meet all your needs. Their reliable products offer the best protection and overall reliability for this and every season. Contact Hartmans Inc today at (316) 686-1069 and enjoy the benefits of the top lubricants on the market.


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