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When it comes to oil changes many have the same doubts. Today we want to discuss a few common oil change questions so you can take better care of your engine.

General Oil Change Q & A's

We have often discussed specific information about changing the oil in your vehicle but today we want to offer more general help for some of the most common oil change questions. The following are some of the most frequently asked questions and answers in regards to oil changes in general.

How Often Should I Change the Oil?

How often you change the oil will depend on several factors such as the environment, the conditions that you put your engine through, the type of oil you use and how much use you give your vehicle.
  • Cars.  If you use your car for regular commuting it will probably require an oil change every 3,000 to 4,000 miles. If you use synthetic oil you may not need an oil change until you hit 5,000-6,000 miles. However, there are also some higher duration synthetic oils such as AMSOIL Signature Series Synthetic Oil which can go up to 25,000 miles before they need to be replaced. In order to get a better idea on how often you should change the oil in your specific car, check your owner´s manual and frequently conduct oil checks so you know what current state your oil is in.
  • Motorcycles. Similar to cars, motorcycles have a fairly good tolerance to less frequent oil changes. Most motorcycles require an oil change around every 3,000 miles. However, depending on your riding demands and conditions it may be sooner. Also, the type of oil you use makes a very significant difference. That is why you should always stick to more brands that offer longer-lasting synthetic oil, such as AMSOIL. At Hartmans Inc you will find high-quality synthetic oil for all your vehicles. They carry a large variety of motorcycle oils and are always ready to help you care for your engine. Contact them today at (316) 686-1069.
  • Dirt bikes and ATVs.  Dirt bikes and ATVs require oil changes more frequently than your regular motorcycle because they face tougher use in harsher conditions. The environment these vehicles are used in also contributes to a higher rate of contamination and therefore oil changes are demanded more often. It is usually recommended that you change the oil in dirt bikes and ATVs around every 10 hours of use but that may be more or less depending on your engine model so be sure to verify this in your owner´s manual.

What Are the Main Differences Between Two-Stroke and Four-Stroke Oil Changes?

What Else Should You Keep in Mind When Changing the Oil?

  • Always change the oil filter with every oil change. This ensures that the new oil running is not contaminated and that it lasts longer.
  • Make sure you deposit the oil in a safe container and take it to the proper oil disposal site.  Click here for more information about a safe disposal site in Kansas.
  • Keep a record of your oil changes for better maintenance care and as a reference in case of any problems.

Where Can You Purchase Everything You Need for a Synthetic Oil Change in Wichita, KS?

At Hartmans Inc you will find everything you need to efficiently complete a synthetic oil change in all your vehicles. They carry high-quality AMSOIL products that are bound to facilitate maintenance and improve performance.  Call them right now at (316) 686-1069 and place your order today.


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