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Whether you've been riding a motorcycle for a while now or you're a new rider, your motorcycle's oil may still be a bit of a mystery. This post can help you learn a few things about your motorcycle's oil.

Get to Know Your Motorcycle Oil

If you're not sure what your motorcycle oil does or how big of a role it plays in your motorcycle's wellbeing, this post can help you get to know some of its basics.

What Your Motorcycle Oil Does

If you don't know exactly what your motorcycle oil does, you're not alone. Many people know they need it but don't know much beyond that. There are a number of reasons why your motorcycle needs oil and why it needs to be changed regularly. To start, your motorcycle wouldn't get very far without this fluid. Your oil runs through your engine and creates a barrier between the tiny metal moving parts that make it up. This helps things stay lubricated and moving smoothly without allowing too much friction to build up. Without it, your engine would get damaged quite fast. As your oil flows, it also picks up debris that makes it into your engine. It carries this debris to your oil filter where it is trapped, helping to keep your oil and engine clean. Your motorcycle oil also helps keep temperatures manageable, helping you avoid an overheating engine. Although your cooling system does most of the cooling work, your oil definitely does its part.

How Often Should You Change Your Motorcycle's Oil?

Knowing how often to change your oil isn't an easy to answer question. You have to take a number of factors into consideration before deciding how often your specific motorcycle will need its oil changed. To start, the make and model of your motorcycle will affect your oil change intervals. The type of oil you use will also play a significant role in the answer to this question. It's a good idea to review the manufacturer's recommendations when deciding what type of oil to use and how often to change it. Other factors to take into consideration include how often you ride your motorcycle and what conditions you ride it in. It helps to know what signs indicate your oil needs to be changed.

Synthetic Motorcycle Oil

If you're stuck trying to decide between a synthetic and a conventional oil, don't grab the cheapest option! Although synthetic oils may be a bit more pricey, they may be better for your engine. Synthetic oils are tailor made to ensure the best engine protection. Their more uniform molecular structure allows their formula to be more stable and reliable in many senses. For example, scorching summer temperatures are less likely to cause it to evaporate or oxidize when compared to conventional oils. In the winter, subzero temperatures won't cause it to lose its viscosity or fluidity, ensuring that your engine stays well protected at all times. In most cases, synthetic oil will last longer than conventional oil, reducing the number of oil changes you will need in a year. If you're looking for the perfect AMSOIL synthetic oil for your motorcycle, click here to check out their full range. Keep your engine at its best with a synthetic oil change. Contact the oil experts at Hartmans Inc at (316) 686-1069 to get product recommendations, like AMSOIL's 20W-40 Synthetic V-Twin Motorcycle Oil.

Why You Shouldn't Use Car Oil in Your Motorcycle

If you're wondering if you can use regular car oil in your motorcycle, the answer is yes, you can. However, this doesn't mean that you should. The reason this isn't recommended is that it simply wasn't made to serve your motorcycle's needs. Although both of these oils are made from the same base oil, the processes they go through after that make them different. Even if they include the same additives, they may not include them in the same amounts. The amount of a certain additive included in a car oil may not be enough or may be too much for your motorcycle, leaving it exposed to potential damage. If you're hoping to save some dollars by using a car oil in your motorcycle, you may be doing the opposite. Do your motorcycle a favor and stick to an oil that was made to serve its needs.

Synthetic Oil Change for Your Motorcycle in Wichita

Before getting your motorcycle's next oil change, be sure it's a synthetic oil change. If you're not sure what synthetic oil will be best for your motorcycle, contact Hartmans Inc at (316) 686-1069. They will be happy to help you find the perfect products for your ride. You can also stop by their online shop and check out their full range of the best AMSOIL Oil products.


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