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We all know just how important your vehicle's motor oil is, but what role does your oil filter play in all this? Learn all about it in this post!

Get to Know Your Vehicle's Oil Filter

Not sure what your vehicle's oil filter does? This post can help you learn all about its importance as well as what to look for when purchasing a new oil filter.

The Functions of an Oil Filter

Your vehicle's oil filter does basically what its name indicates: it filters your vehicle's motor oil. Although this may not seem hugely important, it is if you want to keep your engine in good shape. As your oil circulates through your engine it can pick up contaminants that have made it into your engine. These contaminants can lead to deposits and buildup on your engine which are never good news. To remove these contaminants, the oil filter was introduced in the 1920s. This part sifts out particles of various sizes and traps them so that your motor oil can stay cleaner for longer. As it removes debris from your oil, your oil filter also traps these contaminants in order to ensure they don't go back into your oil. This helps prevent premature engine wear and extends oil change intervals. Of course, to ensure this all happens smoothly you will have to change your oil and oil filter regularly.

Why Your Car Relies on a Clean Oil Filter

You may be wondering why this is so important, and the answer is quite simple. To start, your engine will always require oil to keep it running safely. Not only does it need oil, it needs a specific amount of it and it needs to be clean in order for things to function at their best. Clean oil helps lubricate the moving parts in your engine, helping maintain friction and engine temperatures at a more manageable level. Over time your oil will pick up contaminants reducing its efficiency. While your oil filter helps remove these contaminants, it will eventually fill up and no longer be able to sift out these contaminants. When you get an oil change you're basically swapping out old oil that is no longer able to perform its job, with fresh oil that is better equipped to protect your engine. It makes sense then that you would also change out your oil filter when getting an oil change. If you don't change your oil filter, your clean, new oil will circulate through a heavily contaminated oil filter. Not only will your old filter struggle to keep your oil clean, it may actually contaminate it faster. To ensure your engine stays at its best, be sure to change your oil filter every time you get a synthetic oil change. To find the perfect products for your engine, contact the oil experts at Hartmans Inc. Give them a call at (316) 686-1069 for products recommendations like AMSOIL's Signature Series 5W-20 Synthetic Motor Oil.

Oil Filter Change

If you're wondering how often you should get your oil filter changed, you may come across a few different answers. Ideally, you should change it every time you get an oil change just to be sure your oil will stay clean for longer. Some manufacturers will recommend that you change it every other oil change. For the best results, stick to what your manufacturer recommends. It also helps to pay attention to your oil's condition in between oil changes and oil filter changes. This will help you make a better-informed decision when it comes time to change your oil.

Choose the Right Oil Filter

Just like you can take care of an oil change yourself, you can also change your vehicle's oil filter yourself. To do this correctly, you may have to do some research. Not only will you have to identify where your vehicle's oil filter is located, you will also have to figure out what type of filter your car needs. To start, be sure you know what size filter you need. Using the wrong size filter can lead to oil leaks and other issues. Another thing to consider when shopping around is the filtration efficiency. This basically refers to how well a filter is able to hold onto particles of different sizes. Don't forget to also check a filter's dirt holding capacity, or how much dirt it can hold before it needs to be changed. Oil filters tend to be quite inexpensive so investing in a quality filter won't be too pricey. For the best results consult your car's owner's manual.

Synthetic Oil and Oil Filter Change in Wichita

If it's time for your next synthetic oil change it's also time for an oil filter change. Contact Hartmans Inc at (316) 686-1069 to find all the products you may need to perform your oil change yourself. Check out their full range of AMSOIL Oil products in their online shop.


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