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Are you expecting lots of rain this spring? If you are, this can mean driving through flooded streets more than you'd like. After driving through high water, use these tips to care for your car.

What to Do After Driving Through Flooded Streets

If the spring is promising to be a rainy one, you may be concerned about driving through the rain. Not only can the roads get dangerous, but they can also lead to damage to your car. If you end up driving through high water on the road, use these tips to ensure your car is still in good shape.

Avoid It If Possible

When the rains start, it can be hard to avoid driving in the rain. Even so, if your outing isn't a must, then it's best to avoid driving when it's stormy out. Reschedule your outings or wait out the bad weather so that you don't put yourself or your car in unnecessary danger. If you get caught in a storm, you will have no other choice but to keep going. While driving through a storm, do your best to avoid flooded streets. It can also help to drive in the lane furthest to the left since this lane is often the highest ground. If you do end up driving through flooded streets or high water, your car can suffer damage depending on the height of the water. After driving through high water, you'll want to check on the following components.

Check Your Brakes

If your car's brakes get wet, this can mean trouble. Wet brakes won't work as well, meaning your car can have a tougher time coming to a full stop. Pump your brakes a few times to help them dry out and get them working at their best. If you drove through a seriously flooded area with dirt and other debris in the water, this debris can also get into your brake system. Not only will they be dirty, but this can also negatively affect their ability to function. Take your car to a mechanic to get this checked out if you're concerned after your brakes got seriously drenched.

Check the Air Filter

Since many newer model cars have their air intake quite low, this can lead to issues with your engine if you drove through high water. If the air intake gets water in it, this will generally mean water has also gotten into your engine, which is no good. An easy way to check this is by locating your air filter and checking its condition. If your air filter is wet, then it's very likely there's also water in your engine. It's best that you not try to fix this yourself since doing this wrong can lead to more damage that is expensive to repair. Keep your car in great shape this spring by giving it a synthetic oil change in Wichita. Click here to buy AMSOIL's Signature Series 0W-20 Synthetic Motor Oil, which can keep your car in great shape for a long time. If you need help finding the right product for your car, contact the friendly oil pros at Hartmans Inc. Call them at (316) 686-1069 to learn more and get your questions answered. Check out their online shop for a full range of their products or to place your order.

Take a Look at the Undercarriage

After driving through flooded streets, it makes sense that your car's undercarriage will get wet. This isn't great since a lot of your car's systems will get exposed to water and debris as a result. Once you're out of the water, take a look at what's going on under your car and inspect it for dirt and other debris. If you see dirt or mud, take your car to get cleaned professionally since the mud can lead to rust and corrosion.

Check Your Fluids

Checking your fluids after driving through a flooded area is a must because water can get into the different parts. Most newer cars have sealed reservoirs that won't let water in, but it's still worth double-checking. If there is water in any of your fluids, they can be contaminated, so it's best to flush it and replace it. Check your oil, fuel, brake fluid, coolant, and transmission fluid and possible.

Give Your Car a Synthetic Oil Change in Wichita

Prepare your car for the spring with a synthetic oil change in Wichita. To find a great oil for your car, contact the friendly oil pros at Hartmans Inc. To learn more about their products or to place your order, give them a call at (316) 686-1069.


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