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Driving in the winter can turn into a treacherous task even if you're just heading to the grocery store. To stay as prepared as possible for potential road issues, be sure to always carry these items.

Items You Should Have in Your Car All Winter

During the winter, the outdoor conditions can turn any trip into a daunting one. Rain, snow, and ice can all lead to breakdowns and accidents that can leave you stuck on the side of the road while you wait for help. Stay prepared to make a tough situation easier. Below are some items you should carry in your car at all times during the winter.

A Spare Tire

Having a spare tire in your car is a must at all times because you never know when you'll get a flat tire. During the winter, this is even more important because road troubles can happen more often thanks to the road conditions. If you get a flat tire, you won't be happy at all to find that your spare tire isn't there or isn't in good enough condition to replace your flat. Before winter arrives with its inclement weather, take the time to check on your spare tire. Make sure you have one in your car along with all the supplies needed to change it. If you do have a spare tire in your car, take it out of its place so that you can check it thoroughly. Ensure it's at the right air pressure and that it isn't damaged. If you don't know how to change a tire, now is a great time to learn.

Jumper Cables

After ensuring you have a spare tire in your car that's ready for use, you should also look around in your trunk for jumper cables. If you can't find any in there, now is the time to buy some. Since the winter cold can take quite a toll on your battery, you may find your car unable to start because of the battery. This isn't so bad if you're pulling out of your house, but if it happens after work when you're eager to get home, it can be quite a hassle. If, however, you have jumper cables in your car, you can easily fix this problem and make it home instead of waiting around in the cold until help arrives.

Extra Fluids

After this, be sure your stock of fluids is good. It's recommended that you keep extra fluids in your trunk just in case you start running low on some and need to top them off. Using water to top off your coolant may not seem like the most awful idea in a pinch, but during the winter this is no good. Since the cold temperatures can cause your coolant to freeze if it has too much water in it, this can turn out even worse. Instead, keep extra coolant, windshield wiper fluid, and motor oil in your trunk just in case you come across fluid-related trouble while on the road. Not only should you carry extra motor oil, but you should also prepare your car for winter with a synthetic oil change in WichitaClick here to purchase AMSOIL's Signature Series 0W-40 Synthetic Motor Oil, which can keep your engine protected even on cold starts during the coldest of winter mornings. The friendly oil experts at Hartmans Inc. can help you find just what you need for your oil change. To learn more or to place your order, contact them at (316) 686-1069. You can also place your order on their online shop.

A Simple Tool Kit

You may not be a mechanic, but having a simple tool kit in your car can come in handy should you come across some road trouble. Be sure you have all the tools you need to get out of a pinch, such as the tools needed to change a tire. Think of all the small things that can come in handy during the winter, such as an ice scraper, a snow brush, a flashlight, and emergency flashers just in case you get stuck on the side of the road at night. A phone charger or power bank may not be a tool, but it's something you should also keep in your car at all times.

Give Your Car a Synthetic Oil Change in Wichita This Winter

Prepare your car for a great winter with a synthetic oil change in Wichita. To find the perfect synthetic oil for your car, contact the friendly oil pros at Hartmans Inc. at (316) 686-1069. They can answer all of your questions and help you place your order!


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