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You can come across car problems any time of the year, but there are some issues to look out for more during the summer. Learn more about them here.

Common Car Issues to Avoid This Summer

It doesn't have to be summer in order for you to run into some car troubles. In fact, car issues can come up during any season of the year. However, because of the heat, there are some car problems you may run into more often during the summer months. Learn more about these issues and how to avoid them in this post!

Dead Battery

Most people think that the cold winter season is the worst for their battery. While the cold does contribute to battery issues, the summer heat can actually be worse for it. Not only does the heat add more strain to your battery, the humidity can also lead to more negatives. In fact, the heat can cause some of your battery fluid to evaporate, leading to larger issues. The humidity can cause corrosion which is never ideal. If your battery is already old, this summer may be its last season. Don't wait for your battery to die and leave you stranded on the road. To prevent these types of issues, it helps to know how old your battery is. In general, batteries should be changed every three to five years in order to ensure they're still able to keep your car running. If you're not sure how old your battery is, you can still look out for signs of trouble before it's too late. If you notice your car has been experiencing rough starts or you've had to jump start it a few times, it's probably time for a new one. You can also take it into your mechanic to get a volt test and see just how much power it has left.

Overheating Engine

While the heat is a major force that can cause issues for your car, it isn't the sole reason behind an overheating engine. For your engine to overheat you will also have to have some sort of issue with your cooling system. When the two combine, it can spell real trouble for your engine. Think of your engine like your body. When it's really hot you need water to keep you cool and in good shape. Your engine needs coolant to keep it at its best, but if your coolant is low or leaking, it's like your body without water. If there is an issue in your cooling system but you haven't noticed it yet, chances are you will come across issues while on the road. Look out for smoke coming out of your hood or the dashboard indicator light telling you that you're running low on coolant. Don't ignore these issues because they can lead to serious engine damage. To prevent these road troubles, check on your fluids often. Take note of how fast your coolant is being consumed. If your coolant is constantly running low, this indicates there is an issue. You may have a leak or some other type of problem that needs to be checked out. Another fluid to keep an eye on is your oil. Your motor oil also helps keep your engine cool, so be sure not to skip your next synthetic oil change in Wichita. Use a synthetic oil like AMSOIL's Signature Series 0W-20 Synthetic Motor Oil to keep your car in tip shape this summer. To learn more about it, contact Hartmans Inc at (316) 686-1069.

Flat Tires

Flat tires can be caused by a number of issues, from pothole to sharp objects on the road, or even worn tire tread. In the summer, the heat can add to these issues. Hot roads and generally higher temperatures add more stress to your tires. In fact, higher temperatures are also known to make air expand, leading to overinflated tires. To stay safe on the road and avoid blowouts, keep your tires at the proper air pressure. This means you'll have to check your pressure often. While you're doing that, check on your tire tread just to be sure it's still in good shape. Don't forget to double check your spare tire so that you're sure it's ready for use in case of an emergency. Also, be sure you have all the tools you need to change your tire.

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