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Why It Is Important to Reduce Fuel Use and How Synthetic Oil Can Help With This Task

Fuel savings are good for you, the environment and your vehicle. Reducing gasoline use is not just about saving money it is also about helping reduce pollution and improving the performance of your engine. The more efficient the engine is at completing its job the less fuel it requires, and synthetic oil changes are the best way to quickly and effectively improve engine efficiency. With this in mind, at Hartmans Inc, we want to talk about the importance of reducing gasoline use and how synthetic oil can help reach this objective.

The Importance of Reducing Gasoline Use

The gasoline that the engine burns in order to fuel the movement of the vehicle produces several byproducts that are quite harmful. A large portion of that toxic residue makes its way out from the engine exhaust and into the environment. Carbon dioxide along with other hydrocarbons are part of the products released by the fuel burn off and they greatly contribute to the pollution and contamination that is leading to severe global harm. Improving the fuel economy of your vehicle helps reduce the amount of gasoline your engine burns off and decreases the polluting byproducts it releases.

Synthetic Oil Changes are a Great Way to Increase Fuel Efficiency

There are several things you can do to reduce gasoline consumption without having to limit the use of your vehicle. Getting synthetic oil changes not only reduces the amount of motor oil waste but also enhances engine horsepower while increasing fuel efficiency. Amsoil synthetic oil helps the engine reduce fuel consumption and protects against unfavorable factors such as friction, sludge, and severe temperatures. Visit our Amsoil store online or contact us directly for professional help in choosing the best synthetic oil for your engine.

Other Ways to Reduce Fuel Use

  • Do not speed. Speeding, especially when going over the limit is a very bad driving habit that accelerates the consumption of fuel. Always maintaining the vehicle at a moderate speed and controlling bad driving habits will help improve the effectiveness of the engine in regards to fuel consumption.
  • Reduce the use of the brake. Another problem when going at a fast pace, especially on a street with traffic lights and stop signs is that you will inevitably have to press the brake often and this wastes many engine fluids, resulting in an excessive waste of gasoline. It also wears out the engine and can lead to several mechanical complications. Avoid stop-and-go driving ( stopping and then taking off full speed continually) at all costs and you will start to see savings in your fuel, oil, and other fluids.
  • Check the level on your tires. When the tires are not properly aligned or adequately inflated it will be more difficult for the vehicle to move and will cause the engine to have to work harder and use more fuel. Remember to check the air level on the tires and always fill them to the recommended level that the car manufacturer suggests. Also, check that they are well aligned,  this will help your vehicle´s fuel economy, prolong the lifetime of your tires, and facilitate the handling and driving of your vehicle.
  • Keep the vehicle well maintained. The engine and all parts of your car must remain in optimum driving conditions in order for the fuel to not be wasted or rapidly consumed. Checking and changing the oil, replacing the oil filter, adding water when needed, revising that all other fluids are sufficient and other maintenance tasks should be completed regularly.
  • Stop wasting gasoline in ¨warming up¨ the car.  Synthetic oil offers numerous advantages and among those is the fact that it has an immediate lubrication response regardless of the temperature. Other motor oils tend to thicken in the cold and it takes a while to heat them up in order for them to flow and coat the engine parts that need lubrication. Synthetic oil, on the other hand, immediately coats these parts and protects them. This means that it not only reduces engine wear but that it is not necessary to ¨warm up¨ your vehicle and waste fuel doing so.

Enjoy the Full Protection and Complete Benefits of a Synthetic Oil Change in Wichita

Start getting your engine the best protection and  avoid unnecessary gasoline consumption, start saving today. Get Amsoil for your synthetic oil change and obtain the most benefits at an incredible price. Call us now at (316) 686-1069 and begin enjoying the many benefits of Amsoil full synthetic oil. 


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