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Dirt Bike Maintenance Tips

Taking good care of your dirt bike is important because it not only prolongs your dirt bike's durability, it also ensures that you stay safe. We had previously shared a few tips on dirt bike safety, but today we want to focus on some of the top maintenance tasks that your dirt bike requires.

The Importance of Washing Your Bike

Your bike should never be put away without at least having it rinsed off. This is far more important than you may realize because it can help you avoid a lot of problems. Dirt bikes are constantly exposed to filth which means it is easy for dirt and environmental contaminants to get inside vital areas. Washing your dirt bike helps keep away debris that would otherwise make its way into the different important components of your dirt bike. How you wash your dirt bike also matters. Using a pressure washer can actually push more dirt into the areas you don't want it to reach. The water can also harm electrical components if not carefully directed. It is best to use a bucket and a brush to scrub off dirt and mud. If possible, get an airbox seal to protect the carburetor from dirt and water.

Oil Changes Are the Most Necessary Maintenance Tasks for Dirt Bikes

While your car may only need an oil change around every 4,000 miles, your dirt bike needs an oil change after 10 hours of riding. This can be quite often for avid riders. However, this is not something set in stone and may vary by model and dirt bike, so check your owner's manual for an exact oil change interval reference. Since you do need to change the oil on your dirt bike a lot more than in your regular vehicle, it is wise to learn how to do it yourself. It is also a lot simpler than changing the oil in a car since it requires just a few easy steps. Check out more information on dirt bike oil changes in this dirt bike website's article.

Dirt Bikes Require Quality Lubricants

Since dirt bikes have to endure rougher conditions, they rely more heavily on quality lubrication to complete all functions. This means that the quality of your bike's lubricants is of great importance. Using good lubrication can make all the difference in the dirt bike's performance and in it's ability keep you safe. AMSOIL carries all the best lubricants for every area of your dirt bike, including quality chain lube and all kinds of high-performance 2-stroke and 4-stroke oil. Contact Hartmans Inc, today for the best AMSOIL products at the most reasonable prices.

Dirt Bike Inspections You Should Regularly Make

  • Check for leaks. If there is one thing that your dirt bike cannot afford it is to lose oil or any other fluid. Regularly check under your bike for any drips or signs of a leak. If the oil, transmission fluid, or any other fluid is running out faster than expected, do not wait to get it inspected. Many times a leak is an indication of another problem or may even lead to a bigger issue. Checking for leaks and detecting the root of the problem can help you avoid a disaster or an accident. If you are unable to detect and take care of the problem yourself then take it to a professional before it becomes something much more serious.
  • Inspect the chain. The chain in your bike carries out an important task, so keeping it in top shape is important. Make sure that it is well adjusted but not overly tight. There should be enough room for the suspension movement to not affect it, but it should not be so loose that it can be easily removed from the back sprocket. If this is the case, it may have loosened up too much and it may require replacement.
  • Tighten bolts. The bolts that keep your dirt bike in good standing can start to loosen up with time. The constant use of your bike can lead to wear while the regular vibrations and impact can lead the bolts to start to unscrew. Although this can be dangerous, it is actually quite simple to avoid. Check that the bolts are not excessively loose and torque up the ones that need a tightening. Be very careful to not over-tighten them as this can also lead to serious damage, cause binding, and prevent proper movement.

Get the Best Products for Your Dirt Bike and Its Synthetic Oil Change in Derby

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