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Your car's cooling system works hard to ensure temperatures under the hood don't get too high, but what happens when it malfunctions? Use this information to keep your cooling system at its best.

Get to Know Your Cooling System

An overheating engine can lead to serious roadside issues and expensive repairs. Your car's cooling system does a lot of the hard work required to keep temperatures under the hood of your car at a reasonable level, but when it's not at its best this can turn into a real issue for your car. Get to know your cooling system and keep it at its best with these tips.

Your Cooling System's Main Parts

Your car's cooling system may sound like it has a pretty basic job: keeping things at a reasonable temperature under the hood. While this is true, the way it regulates temperatures takes quite a bit of work and collaboration between the many parts that make up the cooling system. In order to ensure they're all working well, it helps to first understand what each part does. Below are some of the most important parts in your car's cooling system:
  • Radiator: The radiator is often considered the most important component of the cooling system. This part is located under your car's hood and just behind the grill. Its location is very important because it uses the air that comes into your car to help cool down your car's coolant. The coolant is only allowed to flow to the radiator when it has reached a certain high, and then it is the job of the radiator to cool it down before sending it on its way.
  • Thermostat: The thermostat is also under the hood of your car and is in between the engine and the radiator. It's located in this spot because it's what either allows the coolant to enter the radiator or it blocks it from flowing in that direction. The thermostat uses temperature sensors to either open or close. When the coolant is hot enough, it will open up and allow it to head over to the radiator to get cooled down.
  • Water Pump: The water pump ensures that the coolant is able to move through the entire cooling system. A faulty water pump will result in issues because your coolant won't be able to travel to the parts where it is needed.
  • Fans: If you've ever looked under your car's hood, you may have noticed a fan or two under there. These fans are there to help out your radiator when not enough air is circulating. Like the thermostat, these are regulated by temperature sensors, so they only turn on when they're needed. For example, when you're in stop and go traffic things may get quite hot under the hood but there may not be enough air reaching your radiator to help it keep things cool. This is when the fans will turn on and help out your radiator.
  • Coolant: You may be familiar with your car's coolant because this fluid needs to be topped off every so often. This fluid is needed for the entire system to work, otherwise, your engine would overheat. When things are getting hot, your coolant heads to the engine where it picks up some of its heat and transports it to the radiator. It is then cooled down and sent back to transport even more heat away from the engine.
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Cooling System Issues to Watch out For

Now that you understand how your cooling system and its different parts work together, it can be easier to detect issues in the system. Certain issues can be more common than others, so it helps to have some knowledge on these just in case you're confronted by them in the future. Some of the most common cooling system issues include:
  • Leaking radiator hoses. There are a series of hoses that are used to transport your coolant from one place to another. Once these get worn out, they can crack and start leaking. These leaks can lead to low levels of coolant and ultimately an overheating engine.
  • Radiator leaks. If your radiator starts to leak, it may not only lose its ability to cool down your coolant, it can also lead to your car losing coolant. In some cases, a rock or a similar object can cause a big enough puncture that your radiator will need to be replaced completely.
  • Faulty fans. If your fans stop working, your radiator may not be able to do its job efficiently. This can result in coolant that simply isn't cooling down quickly enough, leaving your engine in danger of overheating.

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