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The Reasons Why Motor Oil Cannot Last as Long as Transmission Fluid

We previously discussed why transmission fluid is important and what it does for your vehicle. Today we want to continue talking about transmission fluid and explain why it is that transmission fluid can last so long if its function is similar to that of motor oil.

Main Factors That Prevent Motor Oil From Lasting as Long as Transmission Fluid

  • Functions. Motor oil has three main and specific functions. It's most dominant job is to lubricate. Following that, its secondary task is to help cool down the engine. Lastly, it needs to assist in keeping the engine's internal parts clean. The engine works arduously and constantly, causing it to create a significant amount of heat. The transmission fluid is also in charge of lubricating and cooling. However, unlike motor oil, it does not necessarily carry out a strong cleaning function.
  • The environment of the system. The transmission system is quite different than the engine parts that require lubrication. While the engine parts are more exposed to the external contaminants, the transmission system is much more enclosed. That is a big part of why it does not really need to clean or remove impurities. There are almost no contaminants that can make their way inside the transmission system.

Why Motor Oil Carries a Heavier Load When It Comes to Its Functions

In order to keep the engine parts safe, the motor oil must work to keep the parts cool as it lubricates them. It coats them while absorbing the heat and removing impurities and depositing them in the oil filter. The engine is constantly exposed to external contaminants because it isn't completely closed off. Even though the piston rings and gasket help to somewhat keep the inside components protected, dirt, dust, engine exhaust, and other impurities still make their way inside and travel throughout the system. Water, air, and condensation among other factors also lead to sludge and contamination build up in the engine. The motor oil must then work to combat these effects and try to reduce all of these factors. Due to the exposure to all of these elements, the motor oil cannot possibly last for an excessively prolonged period of time.

Depending on the Type and Quality, Motor Oils Have Different Duration

Motor oil may not be able to last as long as transmission fluid can, but there are different options available, some of which are better than others. Depending on the type of motor oil you use, you may need to change it more often or less frequently. Regular or conventional motor oil breaks down faster and wears out its protective properties much sooner. This means it needs to be replaced more often, around every 3,000 miles. Most synthetic oils tend to last twice as much and only need to be replaced about every 5,000-6,000 miles. Due to the stronger and more resilient properties of synthetic oil, they tend to provide higher levels of friction protection, heat reduction, and more efficient cleaning properties. That is why they are the best option for prolonged lubrication and protection. In fact, there are some high-quality synthetic lubricants that can last up to 25,000 miles before they need to be replaced. AMSOIL's Signature Series is the perfect example of synthetic oil that provides constant lubrication without needing to be changed as often. To try synthetic oil and benefit from its superior properties, contact Hartmans Inc now. Give them a call at (316)686-1069 for help choosing the best oil for your engine.

Transmission Fluid Changes

Although technological advances have made the use of lifetime transmission oil possible, it is very unlikely that something similar will happen anytime soon for motor oil. Transmission fluid is not exposed to as many damaging elements and only needs to be changed about every 60,000 to 100,000 miles. A few new car models even come equipped with lifetime transmission fluid that is supposed to last as long as the transmission system itself. However, the closest thing we have to more prolonged duration lubrication for the engine is synthetic oil. Read more about how often you should change your transmission fluid by clicking here.

Transmission Fluid and Synthetic Oil Change in Andover

At Hartmans Inc you can find all the best products and lubricants to meet all the needs of your vehicle. For help finding the best products for all of your engines, contact them now at (316) 686-1069. Be sure to ask about their full range of quality AMSOIL products and how these can benefit your engine and your wallet.


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