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Car Maintenance Mistakes to Avoid

It's very easy to forget about maintaining your car, however performing a quick tune-up is simple and there are certain red flags that you shouldn't overlook.  For this reason at Hartmans Inc in Wichita we would like to share some of the most common car maintenance mistakes.

Not Changing the Oil

Regular oil changes are very important to remove dirt and other particles from your engine. Plus, it helps to reduce excessive heat under the hood. However, failing to perform this simple chore can lead to increased wear and corrosion that can severely damage your engine.

Ignoring the Dashboard Warning Signs

Remember that your vehicle has sensors to warn you when something isn't working properly. Once you notice a warning sign on, you should make sure to schedule a service appointment as soon as possible and address any potential problem.

Not Knowing How to Service Your Vehicle

You should read your owner's manual thoroughly to find out every thing you need to know about your vehicle. This way you will learn more about break in procedures, special maintenance and avoid potential problems. We can't overstate the importance of keeping your vehicle in perfect condition, as it will improve its performance and avoid costly repairs. Also, changing your oil is a relatively simple task that will protect you engine, so be sure to read our guide containing expert advice on performing this chore.

Synthetic Oil in Wichita

Hartmans Inc was founded in 1972 and since then we have been providing our customers with the lubrication solutions they need. Consider us next time you are looking for AMSOIL Oil in Wichita.  If you wish to learn more information about our products or place an order, please call (316) 686-1069.


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