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As the scouts say "always be prepared"; and they're right. After all, that is the only way to ensure that you'll be able to take on whatever situation may befall you. When you're in a vehicle, this includes having the necessary items by your side to face stressful situations, such as an accident or an injury, effectively and safely. Still, if you are unsure of what items you should bring with you in your vehicle, the following post will provide a checklist of them.

Checklist of Items to Keep in Your Vehicle from the Synthetic Oil Experts in Wichita

Your Vehicle's Tools and Equipment

If you've ever felt the anxiety, stress, and terror that come when you're stranded on the side of the road because your vehicle just broke down, then you know you should do what you can to make those occurrences less overwhelming. To that end, be prepared for them by having your vehicle's tools and equipment there, ready to be used. What this means is that you shouldn't only verify that they're there, but you should also ensure that they're functional and in good condition, and that you know how to use them effectively. This way, if your battery dies on you, or if the tire decides to get flat, you'll be able to handle the situation and continue on your way. We recommended that you keep at least the following items:
  1. a tire jack
  2. a tire iron
  3. a spare tire
  4. reflective triangles
  5. a siphon pump
  6. an unused gas tank
  7. jumper cables
  8. coolant

A Fully Supplied Emergency Kit

When you're on the road, you're not only at risk because of vehicle breakdowns. On the contrary, you may get in an accident, injure yourself, have to deal with a natural disaster, or other emergency. For that reason, it's important that you also carry a fully supplied emergency kit in your vehicle, as it can be a life-saver during those less-than-ideal situations. Keep in mind that you should also maintain the kit: restock the items every so often and verify they're in good condition. A few of the items you should keep in your emergency kit are:
  1. a complete first aid kit with: band-aids, alcohol, cotton, syringes, thermometers, closure strips, gauze, purified water, disposable gloves, antibiotics, antihistamines, antiseptics, paracetamol, among other medical equipment and medicine.
  2. enough bottled water
  3. enough packets of non-perishable foods
  4. blankets
  5. a full fire extinguisher
  6. a charged cell phone and its charger
One of the best ways to avoid getting into an accident because of a vehicle defect, is to maintain the vehicle properly. For instance, give it regular synthetic oil changes in Wichita to keep its engine running perfectly. To that end, call Hartmans Inc in Wichita at (316) 686-1069 to find the best products for your vehicle.

Important Information and Papers You May Need

Can you imagine being in an accident and not having the phone number of a friend or relative to call for help? Or being pulled over by a policeman only to realize that your license has expired? Needless to say, not having the right information and papers with you can make a stressful situation that much worse, which is why, as you can imagine, we also recommend that you have them in your vehicle, ready to be used if needed. A few examples of what that important information could be, are:
  1. the phone number and contact information of close relatives and friends
  2. the contact information of a certified and trustworthy mechanic
  3. the phone number of the authorities
  4. your vehicle's updated registration
  5. your vehicle's owner's manual
  6. a valid license
  7. your insurance papers or information

Miscellaneous Items that May Come In Handy

Finally, we'll go over a list of other random objects that you may find yourself needing when you're on your vehicle. Keep in mind that while these may not seem essential, they can be a game changer if you ever need them. As with some of the other items in this list, you shouldn't only ensure that you have these in your vehicle, but check that they work correctly. For instance, you should keep:
  1. emergency cash
  2. a comb
  3. hand sanitizer
  4. a lighter
  5. scissors
  6. tissues
  7. an umbrella
  8. a change of clothes
  9. a flashlight
  10. batteries

Contact Hartmans Inc to Give Your Vehicle a Full Synthetic Oil Change in Wichita

Remember that if the time to give your vehicle a full synthetic oil change in Wichita has come, you can count on Hartmans Inc, as they'll be able to provide high quality products to keep it performing perfectly. Call (316) 686-1069 if you wish to learn more about the benefits of using AMSOIL products, or stop by their online store if you're ready to purchase the top performing synthetic oil in Wichita. 


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