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Your destination is set, your bags are packed all you have to do is load everything into the car, or is it? Is your car as ready as you are to hit the road? Whether it is a short drive or a cross-country long drive, you have to prepare your car for the travel. Imagine being left stranded in the middle of the road; the heat, the boredom, the agony of thinking things would be different if you had gotten your car ready. Keep on reading this article brought to you by Hartman's Inc. in Wichita  to know how to prepare your car for the drive.

Schedule a check-up

If you’re not up to doing it yourself, take your car to the pros for a checkup. They will change the fluids, the oil and give your car a proper tune up.


You should always check your tires before you go out on  the road, not too much and not too little. The number on the tire’s side tells you how much pressure it can take. If you are going out during the winter your tires should have a little less air and during the summer they should be closer to the pressure limit.  Remember to give your spare tire the same treatment; you never know if you might need it.


Clean your battery in case there is any corrosion on the terminal with water and baking soda. Make sure the positive and negative leads are tight. Check the electrolytes or output voltage to be certain that it won’t die in the middle of the road.

Clean the Air Filter

Having a clean filter that allows good air flow to your engine improves your car’s performance. It also maintains quality air inside the cabin.

Check on the fluids

Hydration is very important to the human body, it’s important for cars as well. Cars, just like us, have as many fluids needed to function impeccably. These are the fluids you have replace or refill, and in cases like engine oil, transmission fluid and gasoline you have to check on their filters too.
  • Engine oil
  • Transmission fluid
  • Gasoline
  • Antifreeze/coolant
  • Radiator coolant
  • Brake fluid
  • Windshield washer fluid
  • Power steering fluid
If you are going to change your oil make it a synthetic oil change with the best option in Wichita, AMSOIL synthetic oil. Call up the experts at Hartman’s Inc. at (316) 686-1069 to know more about your options, you can also head straight to their online store.


If they are torn, cracked or showing fiber cords, it’s time to get new ones. You can check the engine belts by turning them sideways with your hand. Newer vehicles often have only one large belt, while older models have more than one, they all have to be in good condition. If your car makes loud screeching noises when you drive away from a stoplight it’s probably the belts that need to be change or retensed.

Check the glovebox

Confirm that all your necessary papers are inside your glovebox, these include owner’s manual, insurance documents, and registration. Be aware of their expiration dates as well.

Clear Out What You Don’t Need

The more weight inside the car, the more fuel you burn. You want to save gasoline while you’re on the road, if you don’t need the extra weight don’t bring it with you.  On most new cars there is a placard that tells you the total weight you can carry, including passengers and cargo. In case you are carrying a roof rack only pack it with light bulky stuff and if you are not’ going to be using it, remove it.

Fill Up the Tank

Even though you can do this the day you leave, it is better to be fully prepared and to save time by doing it the day before you leave.

Emergency Equipment

After having everything checked off your maintenance list, be sure to pack all the necessities in case of an emergency. Things like maps or GPS, cell phone charger, a spare tire, emergency tools, a flashlight and extra water in case of the engine overheating. It’s better to over prepare. Follow all these steps before you leave for your trip and enjoy the ride knowing you are prepared and that you are backed up by the best synthetic oil on the market, AMSOIL. Remember to call Hartman’s Inc. in Wichita to talk to an expert about your synthetic oil options and benefits. You can also visit their online store to buy directly any of their products.  


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