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Skipping an oil change may sound like no big, but over time these skipped oil changes can add up to serious car troubles. Not sure what issues skipped oil changes can cause? Continue reading to find out.

The Importance of Getting Regular Oil Changes

Skipping an oil change or two may not sound serious at all, but it definitely isn't good for your car. In fact, forgetting to get an oil change repeatedly can lead to some pretty serious damage to your car. To learn more about what can happen to your car as a result of skipped oil changes, continue reading.

Protect Your Engine

One of your motor oil's main jobs is to keep your engine well protected as it powers your car. Your oil flows through your engine lubricating the many small, moving parts that work to move your car. As the oil flows through them, they are able to perform their job more effectively and efficiently, keeping your engine better protected for longer. Skipping oil changes will lead to dirty oil that will no longer be able to keep these parts as well protected. This can lead to increased friction under your hood, which can result in higher operating temperatures, engine strain, and premature engine wear.

Increase Your Fuel Economy

Clean oil helps keep your car working more efficiently, so it makes sense that old oil will do the opposite. Once your oil is old and has broken down, it won't be able to perform its many jobs as well as you want. This leads to added engine strain, meaning your car isn't working as efficiently as it can. This added strain will then lead your car to consume fuel faster, resulting in a decrease in your fuel economy.

A Smoother Ride

If your car feels like it rides smoother after an oil change, you aren't imagining it. Since your car has brand new oil in it, you can bet you'll be able to feel the difference, especially if you haven't gotten an oil change in a long time. This is because your engine will be able to work more efficiently, changing the overall feel of your ride. Before getting your next oil change, be sure you understand the benefits of making it a synthetic oil change in Wichita. If you're not sure what synthetic oil you can use in your vehicle, contact the oil experts at Hartmans Inc. Give them a call at (316) 686-1069 for the personalized service you need.

Increase Resale Value

As a car owner, you probably don't think about your car's resale value often, if ever. However, it's important that you consider this because chances are you might want to sell your car someday. Keeping up with oil changes and maintenance, in general, can help your car retain a better resale value. Regular maintenance, including oil change, can prevent premature wear and will help keep your car in the best shape possible. Keep your maintenance records so that you can prove you've kept up with all of your car's needs just in case you decide to sell your car.

Prevent Sludge Formation

As oil gets old and dirty, it starts to degrade. As it heats up and potentially even burns off, it can turn into what is known as sludge. If sludge sounds like something you don't want traveling through your engine, you're correct. Sludge is no good for your car and can actually lead to some pretty serious damage to your car. Before your oil has a chance to turn into sludge, take it into the shop for an oil change.

Prevent Your Engine from Overheating

You may think that your cooling system takes care of all of your car's cooling needs, but your oil actually plays a hand in keeping temperatures under the hood at a reasonable level. As your oil travels through your engine, it helps distribute heat more evenly, preventing overheating. As long as your oil is clean, it will be able to continue performing this function effectively. If you allow your oil to get beyond dirty, it may no longer have the ability to reduce temperatures under the hood. Give your cooling system the help it needs by not skipping another oil change.

It's Time for a Synthetic Oil Change in Wichita

Keep your car in top shape with a synthetic oil change in Wichita. If it's time for your next oil change,  contact Hartmans Inc at (316) 686-1069 to find the perfect AMSOIL Oil for your vehicle. They will be happy to recommend products like Signature Series 0W-20 Synthetic Motor Oil or you can also browse all of their products in their online store.


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