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When the Gasoline Prices Increase, Synthetic Oil Can Help You Save

Many are aware that fuel costs have a tendency to increase during the summer. Most people think that this is because there is a higher demand for gasoline in the summer time. Although this does have something to do with the price increase, it is not the only reason. That is why today at Hartmans Inc, we want to explain why gasoline costs more in the summer and how synthetic oil can help you save on fuel.

The Fuel We Use Is Not the Same Year-Round

To many this comes as a surprise, but the gasoline that is sold is not the same year-round. Throughout the year, the fuel industry will either provide winter-grade fuel or summer-grade fuel. Most of the year, winter-grade fuel is offered, but from June to mid September summer-grade fuel is the only type of fuel sold in the U.S.  The increase in fuel prices is due to the seasonal fuel transition that we face twice. This seasonal fuel transition is necessary and beneficial for our vehicles and the environment. Gasoline and other vehicle fluids tend to evaporate at very hot temperatures. When they evaporate they produce byproducts that make their way into our atmosphere. Gasoline is especially prone to produce toxic pollution. As the engine burns off gasoline to power the vehicle, the gasoline creates carbon dioxide and other hydrocarbons that affect our environment and harm our health

Face the Summer Ozone Season With an Earth Friendly Engine Lubricant

Motor oil also has an evaporation loss, that is why checking the oil is even more crucial during the summer months. Conventional motor oil tends to have a higher rate of evaporation because of its unstable molecular composition. Synthetic oil, on the other hand, has a very low volatility. In comparison to conventional oil, synthetic oil has four to five times less evaporation loss. This allows your engine to stay safe in the heated summer conditions and improves your fuel economy. Quality synthetic oil facilitates the engine's job and reduces the need for it to burn off more gasoline to conduct its job. This helps your vehicle use up less gasoline while remaining efficient. AMSOIL full synthetic oil is the best solution to increased gasoline prices, it not only allows your engine to be more fuel efficient but also promotes less fuel consumption and better horsepower. Contact us now and learn more about what AMSOIL can do for your engine and your economy.

EPA's Response to the Summer Ozone Season

During the summer, we constantly face higher degrees which affect the gasoline and vehicle fluids. When the temperatures rise and heat increases, vehicles tend to release higher levels of toxic emissions, creating higher ground-level ozone pollution. This is commonly known as the ¨summer ozone season.¨ Due to the impact of gasoline, vehicle fluid emissions, and the intense heat increase during the summer, in 199O, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) created the Reformulated Gasoline Program (RGP). As part of the RFG program, in 1995, the summer fuel production started to take place. Every year, starting around Memorial Day, gasoline stations start supplying summer-grade fuel.

What Makes Summer Fuel More Expensive?

Summer-grade fuel is more heat adapted and contains various fuel additives. According to the EPA, the fuel additives that are mixed with the altered fuel allow the fuel to release fewer pollutants. Since all of these changes need to be made in order to start producing and offering a more summer-adapted fuel, several factors contribute to the rise in gasoline prices during the summer. First, the fuel factories need to shortly shut down so they can start producing the new fuel. This leads to a higher demand and slightly shorter supply which contributes to the price increase. Next, the production of the adapted fuel is higher in cost because of the additives that need to be mixed into it. Along with the fact that there is more gasoline consumption during the summer months, all of these factors cause the fuel prices to increment.

Summer Engine Lubrication Near Me With a Synthetic Oil Change in Wichita

With summer closing in, gasoline prices will most likely start to go up. Do not wait to go get your synthetic oil change and start saving with AMSOIL full synthetic oil. As we discussed in our previous post AMSOIL is not only a great option for the wellness of your engine, it is also a smart way to promote less contamination and a healthier planet. Call us at (316) 686-1069 and place your order today.


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