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Learn the Truth About Motor Oil Beliefs

Synthetic oil
has become more popular because people are realizing that it offers many benefits for their vehicles. Yet, like all things, there may be incorrect information and false beliefs out there regarding the use of synthetic oils. At Hartmans Inc we want you to know all the real facts and be able to detect the myths out there so you can make well informed decisions for your vehicle.

Test Your Motor Oil Smarts

Let´s start by taking this simple true and false quiz to test your knowledge of motor oils. Write your answers down if you want, or simply say them out loud just for fun, then read our detailed answers or just scroll down to the end to find out if your answers are correct.

Truth or False Motor Oil Quiz

Synthetic oils and conventional oils are the same.Synthetic oils and conventional oils can be mixed without causing damage.Changing the oil is not that important.Your oil can go much longer between change intervals when using synthetic oil.When checking the oil you are only checking for adequate levels.If the oil level is fine you don't need to worry about changing the oil.Synthetic oil can help improve fuel economy.All synthetic oils are the same quality.AMSOIL, back then known as AMZOIL was the first synthetic oil in the market.At Hartmans Inc you can buy high quality and excellent performance synthetic oil.You may have known the answer to most of them or maybe you doubted on a lot. Let´s take a deeper look at the answers and go over some more information as to why they are true or false.

Myth: Synthetic Oils and Conventional Oils Are the Same

Synthetic oils
and conventional oils are nowhere near the same, yes they are used for the same purpose but the protection they provide and the components they are made of are not exactly the same thing. Conventional oils contain many more minerals and natural occurring elements that cause it to breakdown sooner under certain conditions. Unlike synthetic oils that protect your engine in extreme weather conditions and have more coverage regarding sludge prevention and protection. Conventional oils offer minimal protection against sludge and other aspects. The differences between synthetic and conventional oils are much greater than their similarities, and although both can be used as motor oils they are not the same.

Fact: Synthetic Oil Can Be Mixed With Other Types of Motor Oil.

Synthetic oil
can in fact be added to an engine that already contains another type of motor oil.  It is not recommended because you will not fully experience all of the synthetic benefits since it will not be the only type of oil in your engine and it will be diluted by the other motor oil and so will some advantages. However,it will not hurt, or cause any danger to your engine, if by some reason you need to add synthetic oil to an engine that already has another type of oil. We recommend that to experience the full benefits and clear advantages of full synthetic oil you add only synthetic oil to your engine, but adding some to another oil type  will not cause damage.

Myth: Oil Changes Are Not That Important

Question number three stated; Changing the oil is not that important. This is completely FALSE! We are sorry to say this, but if you thought that statement was true you and your car are in deep trouble. We cannot put enough emphasis on how important it is to change your oil on time and correctly.  Yes, oil changes are important! They are a necessary procedure if you want to keep your vehicle running. The oil in the engine has many essential functions, it is what helps your car work properly. Over time the oil needs to be changed and new one added for best protection and better performance. If you fail to do this you are basically murdering your vehicle.

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Fact: Synthetic Oil Lasts Much Longer

If you use regular conventional oils, the oil change cannot be delayed very long, without having to face tragic failure. However, if you use a great quality synthetic oil such as Amsoil, then you could probably go over a few hundred miles, from the recommended change interval, without greatly compromising the engine. Obviously, we do not recommend this, but if for whatever reason this should happen, you would be fine. As long as you make sure you take care of the oil change as soon as possible after that. Synthetic oil lasts longer and tougher than conventional oil. Being free from impurities, it takes longer to break down.Amsoil Signature Series synthetic oil can last as much as 25,000 miles before needing an oil change. Synthetic oil also maintains viscosity in extreme weather and harsh conditions, where conventional oil will generally fail.

Myth: When Checking the Oil You Are Only Checking for Adequate Levels

It is important to constantly check your oil levels and keep your vehicle up to date in all its maintenance. A very important aspect of this is the oil changes. The oil may be at a normal level, but do not rely on this entirely,to accurately tell you when you need to add or change your oil. Do not wait so long to change your oil even if the levels are sufficient because many times the levels will only indicate that there is no leak or much consumption of the oil, but the level will not always indicate the state of quality the oil is in.

Myth: If the Oil Level Is Fine You Don't Need to Worry About Changing the Oil

You do need to change the oil according to your manufacturer´s recommendations even if the oil level is fine. When the oil level is enough but the oil change is due and you prolong it, the oil will become contaminated. The main thing that may happen is that dirt will begin to build up, really good synthetic oils will be able to encapsulate it for a while, but then the filter will have to hold off the rest of the accumulated dirt. The filter may be able to complete this function for some time, but over time a lot of accumulated dirt will obstruct the filter. This will then cause the oil to remain polluted and will create problems. The engine will have to work harder and wear itself out over time.

Fact: Synthetic Oil Can Help Improve Fuel Economy

Yes, among the many benefits of
synthetic oil is the fact that using synthetic oil can help you save on gasoline. Due to its protection and complete lubrication, synthetic oil helps the engine work less and do its job faster and more efficiently. This in turns helps the engine save fuel and wear out less.

Myth: All Synthetic Oils Are the Same Quality

This is a commonly believed myth that can cause much confusion. Not all synthetic oils are the same quality because they are not a manufacuterd by the same company.
Amsoil oil is the best quality synthetic oil because its manufacturer standards are much higher than most, and it is one of the few truly full synthetic oils. Not all synthetic oils that claim to be synthetic are 100% synthetic some of them are only a certain percent synthetic and thus can only offer a fraction of the benefits.

Fact: AMSOIL the First Synthetic Oil in the Market

This is definitely true, Amsoil was the first synthetic oil available for cars and had different names until it stuck with Amsoil. Today, it is a highly reconized brand for synthetic oil. For more on the history of Amsoil visit our
About Amsoil page.True: At Hartmans Inc You Can Buy High Quality and Excellent Performance Synthetic Oil

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Truth or False Motor Oil Quiz ANSWERS

Synthetic oils and conventional oils are the same. FALSESynthetic oils and conventional oils can be mixed without causing damage. TRUEChanging the oil is not that important. FALSEYour oil can go much longer between change intervals when using synthetic oil. TRUEWhen checking the oil you are only checking for adequate levels. FALSEIf the oil level is fine you don't need to worry about changing the oil. FALSESynthetic oil can help improve fuel economy. TRUEAll synthetic oils are the same quality. FALSEAMSOIL, back then known as AMZOIL was the first synthetic oil in the market. TRUEAt
Hartmans Inc you can buy high quality and excellent performance synthetic oil. TRUE
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